Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cookies - Testing Day

My husband has this theory. I'm addicted to cookies: not to eat it, but to make it!!!
The truth is that some recipes are perfect if we're talking about flavor and texture. But not all recipes produce cookies that keep their shapes after baked...and are crispy and delicious. And this is very important if you're making cookies to decorate.
So, the result of this testing day was: The Orange and Cinnamon Cookies are perfect for decoration; The White Chocolate Cookies are a 3 in a 5 (but they need more time in the oven) and The Fresh Ginger Lemon Cookies...well, you can decorate them but not with perfect results.
But after all, many moments in life are just so perfect...who need perfect cookies? ;)

Orange & Cinnamon

White Chocolate

Fresh Ginger & Lemon